Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 CoronaYear

1st and last post of 2020..

Dear 2020,

Looking back at January, I never thought this year will be worse than 2019, it was the most unforgettable year in my life (and the whole world) after 2019. I lost my beloved parents (yes, both of them) in 2019, My mom passed away on Dec 30th, 2019 and i thought that's it, my life was already empty. Never imagined that 2020 brought more sadness to the whole world. People are loosing their family, friends, jobs, money, food to eat. Children was left with improper education period. Hunger all around the world. People killed themselves because of depression. The richest are showing off their lavish 'stay at home' while the poorest are dying. Some people just don't care what happen to the world. But many more are  working hand in hand to help the less fortunate. 2020 teaches us the true meaning of the HUMANITY word: kindness, mercy & sympathy! Not only to human being BUT also to every single creatures. This period of time has taught us to be more rationale, cautious and aware to what happen around us. 

Anyway, 2020 will be remembered just like the WW1or WW2. I hope this kind of history will never repeat to the future humankind. Who can ever picture that a small tiny creature can harm millions of lives. This tiny little creature is called Coronavirus that cause the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). I'll never forget this name until the day i die (!). This pandemic has caused sadness ,sorrow, depression and grief. Even the smartest, richest and developed countries in the world were pull down to their lowest/ worst condition. Even my final step of long-time-study was affected by you. 

BUT, i believe Allah has a better plan for the world. Every bad thing happened was replace with a good one. Only God knows. He is the Almighty and the Creator. Some people loose, some people win. Some sad, some happy. If everybody unite and work together, we can put the end to this worst phase of modern humankind. 

For 2021, i pray for a better world.  I pray for a happier, healthier and peaceful world. I pray for my relatives, extended family, friends and acquaintances will be in good health and more success will come their way. I also hope that the future that I'll have is the best one. I pray that my wishes will be fulfilled most probably in 2021. I pray that i will successfully pass my Viva Voce. I know Allah is listening and he has a greater plan for me. I can't wait for a brighter, shinier and promising future.

Till then. 

Annyeong, Adios, Goodbye, So Long, Sayonara Year of 2020! 


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Greta Thunberg

This is the true definition of youth voice! Kudos to you Greta Thunberg! You are a true hero, pls ignore what the jealous adults say about you! You’ve done a biggggesttt job that a 1000 adults cant even do it! You are an inspiration, be truth! Let the world hear you, don’t stop to speak up! Please look back at what Malala has done, she started small (like you) and now she’s a nobel prize winner! Keep doing you for a better future! Dont give up on your dreams, don’t give up on every single children’s biggest dream, to live in a better world, world without further climate change! I am a fan!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Bangtan Boys aka BTS

Yes, im an army since 2014.. well, i love kpop, im also a vip, i love love love Bigbang.. Bigbang produces wonderful songs and i still love them rn even though there were many scandals involving their members recently.. well, im going to talk about BTS tho.. at first, i only love to listen to their songs, just like BB, BTS also produces awesome kpop music.. but day after day my interest grew on their personality.. each one of them has their own personality and traits.. got to know them as early as their debut, i am the most happiest army when they became global these few years back. I am so extremely happy to see how the world reacted to their music, their musics are being accepted by people whole over the world. Their collaborations with fantastic singers and bands made them the most loved boybands among famous singers & music producers esp in the US. I am proud of their achievements, they stopped the barriers of languages and music across the world. 

What i love about this boys are: they are humble and hardworking.. no matter what people are judging them, some people even underestimated them at their early stage of becoming worldwide most beloved bb. They didn’t care what people said, they believe their music will touch millions of people.. they wrote beautiful song with good messages and full of love. They saved a lot of people with their music. They love their fans (read Army) tremendously, they always show their sincere  appreciations to Army with their unconditional love during their concerts, fan meetings and speeches when receiving awards. That’s why i ❤️ BTS so much. I started to understand kpop lyrics for the 1st time through bts songs. Before this i only love the musics, but after knowing BTS, i care about the messages they want to convey with their songs. All of their songs are sending good vibes and positive  messages esp on mental health. 
When they are millions of army all around the world, there are also haters! Haters with problems in their hearts, i dont know what these talented young boys ever did to them, but the hates are real! Most of the haters are living a sad life and full of jealousy! In Malaysia, the haters are mostly mat rempit, netizens who love to bodyshaming and criticize other people baseless, BBNU who thinks they can sing and dance better than BTS, men who are jealous becuz their gfs love bts etc etc. What people like them dont know, army have done a tremendous charity works, mental health campaigns all around the world, etc etc. What have the haters done for the world? Nothing.
As an army, i’ll support these boys wholeheartedly and without prejudice! I wish them all the best in their careers and life. 

Love yourself, speak yourself.

Thursday, September 19, 2019


I am confused.. but i think i do have anxiety.. but im still in denial..

Friday, September 13, 2019

Please claim and take back the Haze!

Every single year.. this happened to my country 🇲🇾 ! Dear Indonesia, please know how to manage your industry well, this thing is not healthy.. to my country, Singapore, and to yours also! And please consider health over prosperity (read: money)! Please be responsible and STOP blaming others! Or else, your so called minister should learn more about Geography and climates change! This is horrible and we Malaysians are so sick of this condition every single year!